Old Melody From Baluchistan

The story is trying a folk music master named Gul Muhammad Baluchi, lives in the city of Qasr-e Qand in Baluchistan of Iran. Baluchi spent his life from a Driving with the car and musical performances for tourists. He wants to form a band to perform Baluchi’s traditional music. At the beginning of the movie he and his family were expelled from the rental house, they just going to relatives house until Baluchi complete home that is under construction.
A veteran Iranian Baluch musician wanted to revive the almost dead traditional music of his region, Baluchestan. he travels around the all Baluchistan searching for the old musicians who used to play on the traditional Baluch musical instruments in order to gather a new/old musical band. the band that might succeed to participate in one of the music festivals in Iran to play the traditional music again in front of the new generations.




Maziyar Moshtagh Gohari